Postal Service

Volume Mail Handling


Local post office pick up with delivery directly to your office.


Does your company receive a lot of mail from customers, vendors, partners and solicitors?  We will coordinate directly with your local post office to pick up your mail and deliver it directly to your destination of choice.

Scheduled Route

Routine Service


Scheduled service that is customized to suite the needs of your business. 


Daily pick up of production from specified location for delivery the following day.  Scheduled routes are commonly used for pick up of parts/orders from company vendors or parts houses.

24/7 support: 704-860-4700


Same Day

Delivery by 5:00 PM


Get it there before the whistle blows.


When your need is not immediate, but the delivery needs to be made before the close of business.  Our same day service is a terrific and more cost effective solution for your business needs.

Hot Shots

Immediate Need


Delivery is made with a dedicated truck and no stops in between.


When production is down and time is of the essense, we can deliver parts, documents or parcels in just a few hours.


PO Box 733, Lowell, NC

Inner Office Mail

Office to office


Save time and money on postage when communicating with sister areas.


Whether you are sending legal documents, contracts, blueprints or architectural plans, you can trust Wilken to handle these sensitive documents between offices in a prompt and confidential manner.


food Services

Grief catering


Let us do the work during this difficult time.  Simply call and your needs will be taken care of.


We will order, pick up and deliver meals to employees and/or family members who have lost loved ones.  We understand this is a difficult time for all involved and we view this as an extension of our commitment to service in all areas.